Saline 1 New Cutey Honey

The evil Saline

Saline (セイレーン) is the main antagonist of the third episode of the 1994 action adventure OVA "New Cutey Honey" (aka. "Shin Cutie Honey" / 新・キューティーハニー). She is voiced by Urara Takano in the original and Marcy Rae in the English dub.


Saline is a rock star who sings about the joys of being evil at her concerts. Kisaragi Honey, after interrogating several other delinquents in the city, poses as a reporter and then a singer herself in order to get close to the villainess. After a bit of sleuthing, the heroine learns that Saline has been working for the villain Dolmeck, and is also the one who has been supplying all the other criminals with transformation capsules. Like the other henchwomen before her, once at a disadvantage, Saline uses a capsule on herself, but then also manages to inject one into Honey quickly after. However, because the heroine is an android, it has no effect on her and quickly seizes the moment to stab Saline through the chest. Honey then finishes her off by cleaving through the monsterous Saline with her sword.

Trivia Edit

  • Urara Takano also appeared on Case Closed as the voice of the evil Mari Terahara.


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