Sadistic Blonde

The psychotic and nameless Sadistic Blonde

The unnamed Sadistic Blonde (Shannon Murdock) is the villainess of the 15-second horror film, Watch Me (released in 2015). The film opens with the blonde woman dancing in front of a man, wearing stockings and her hair in pigtails as part of her outfit. She also inquired her male companion if he was watching her, and expressed pleasure in the man watching her dance.

As the blonde continued her dance, she giggled and caressed her hair before asking the man to not stop watching her. It was then that the blonde was revealed as a sadistic villainess, as it was revealed that she had stapled her male companion's eyelids open, essentially torturing him to continue watching her. The film ends without revealing the fates of the man or the deranged blonde.


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Watch Me

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