Sadistic Arsonist

Ending title card for "Don't Give Fire a Chance"

The unnamed Sadistic Arsonist is the unseen villainess of "Don't Give Fire a Chance", a 1990 British fire safety PSA released by Fire Kills (also known as Nightmare). The ad opens with a man asleep in bed with his wife, becoming unsettled by the unseen villainess' rantings about fire and burning.

It was then that the unseen woman was intent on seeing the man's house being set on fire, as shown by her gleeful reaction to an overloaded electrical outlet beginning to smoke, becoming disappointed when the man unplugged the cords and referred to him as a "spoil sport". The evil woman later displayed her sadistic demeanor again upon seeing the man's young daughter preparing to grab a box of matches (even revealing she had put the matches there in hopes she would find them and start a fire) and saw an overheating pot on the stove, only to become frustrated when the man put the matches out of reach of his child and turned off the stove.

The villainess' sinister desire was satisfied, however, when a set of curtains were set on fire by a space heater, with the fire quickly spreading to the rest of the house (the fates of the man's wife and daughter are not revealed). As the man watched the fire in horror, the maniacal indirect arsonist cackled evilly at the blaze as she callously told the man that the fire was his fault. The man then woke up in bed, revealing the fire and other events to have been part of a dream. But as the man began to light a cigarette, he heard the woman's voice sarcastically chide him, with the ad ending on a shot of the man's horrified reaction to realizing the villainess was real.


Fire Kills - Nightmare (1990, UK)

Fire Kills - Nightmare (1990, UK)

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