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Sadie (Greer Grammer) is one of the criminals in the 2017 film "Altitude".  Greer is the daughter of Kelsey Grammer the actor.

She is described as "the balls" by her ex boyfriend and crime partner Terry. Sadie shows off an incredibly vicious, commanding and bossy personality. She often shouts at the rest of her criminal gang, and tells them what to do. She also seems to enjoy killing, as she is shown smiling and chuckling to herself after she kills some of the flight crew.

We first see Sadie dressed in a brunette wig and flight attendants outfit.  We later find in dialogue that she is the former ex-wife of Terry, when he reveals that to his first class seat mate Gretchen Blair (Denise Richards).  Gretchen is an FBI agent, and Terry reveals that the plane is about to be hijacked by this team led by Matthew Sharpe (Dolph Lundgren).  The other henchmen are Rawbones and Burly.  Gretchen has a hard time believing him until the plan has been put in motion.

Sadie is one of the diamond heist criminals who hijack a plane in order to recover the jewels that have been stolen by their former partner Terry.  Terry has double crossed his former partners, and offers Gretchen 50 million dollars to ensure that he makes it off the plane alive.

Sadie is seen killing one of the male flight attendants, followed by the two pilots in the cockpit.  One of them she stabs with a syringe and the other she kicks in the throat with her stiletto high heels.

Gretchen attempts to save the passengers with the help of Terry and the flight marshall Luke Byres.

Gretchen is able to successfully deplane the bus of its passengers during a refueling, but remains on the plane along with Terry and Luke.  It is later revealed that Luke has been compromised and is receiving a pay out from the hijackers.  After neutralizing Luke, Gretchen makes her way up to the cockpit while the flight is in air and with the help of Terry is able to gain control of the plane.

Sadie and Gretchen engage in a catfight near an open door.  Gretchen is dangerously close to going out the door and Sadie comes up to her trying to pry off her hands from the entry.  She makes the comment to Gretchen that "She doesn't belong up here".  However, Gretchen turns the table on her, and then tells her "You need to adjust your altitude, bitch".  With this, Gretchen kicks her out of the door.  We see Sadie flying through the air, and the wing section cuts her body in half.


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