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Appears in -

Mr T  (NBC 1983 - 1986)

The Runaway Wheels villainess

Season 1 Episode 13 -

"Riddle of the runaway wheels" First broadcast on December 10th 1983.

The unnamed woman is the leading villain in this episode of the animated adventure series. She is the gang boss, with 2 men as her flunkies.

Mr T and his team of crime fighting young gymnasts are attending some races where a revolutionary new vehicle called the Ultracar is to appear and compete. The villains steal the car and then, using knockout  gas, kidnap a

wealthy film producer who is there to see the vehicle, intending to hold him for ransom. Mr T and his friends, using another specialized vehicle, take on the villains and retrieve both the Ultracar and the kidnapped producer.

Appearance -

The villainess is a slim white woman in her 30s. She has short brushed back brown hair with a "widow's peak" (often an indicator of female villainy!) and wears a red/pink catsuit with black boots. She has a harsh, cruel sounding voice.

Character -

Ruthless - at one point she has her henchmen throw Robin off a bridge.

Weapons -

Knock out gas. She uses the Ultracar as a weapon

Fate -  

The villains are attempting to escape with the stolen Ultracar and kidnapped film producer. Mr T and his team pursue in another vehicle - Mr T jumps on the Ultracar roof and knocks back the 2 henchmen - the villainess jumps from the car and makes a run for it.The rest of the heroes in their pursuing vehicle cut off the fleeing villainess in her attempt to escape - Robin, an expert gymnast, leaps from the car and cartwheels at the woman, the heroine's feet thudding into the villainess, knocking her to the ground. Robin then picks up the defeated female criminal, pulling the woman's hands behind her back making her her prisoner - soon Mr T arrives at the scene dragging her 2 captured henchmen with him.