Roxanne Sutton (aka Roxy Rocket) is an antagonist from The New Batman Adventures. She is a former stuntwoman who appears in the episode "The Ultimate Thrill".

The Ultimate Thrill Edit

Roxanne Sutton, aka Roxy Rocket, started her career as a stunt woman, as she was always seeking "The Ultimate Thrill". When the risks of her occupation no longer were daring enough for her, she turns to a life of crime. She embarks to test the dangerous waters of the criminal underworld of Gotham City. To make it all the more fun, she seeks to test Batman, seeking a game of cat and mouse with the legendary Dark Knight to satisfy her craving for danger. She quickly developed a crush on the Dark Knight for his pursuit of her and got into several dangerous situations to be near him. Eventually though, Batman caught her and slapped the handcuffs on her, showing her that her crush was not returned and delivered her to the cops.

Roxy's next appeared in the Superman: The Animated Series episode, "Knight Time". In this next appearance, Roxy tries her luck in Metropolis, where she ends up tipping off Superman to the fact that Batman is conspicuously absent in Gotham. Unlike Batman (who can't fly), Superman picks Roxy off her rocket speeder with no effort at all. The episode eventually leads to a team-up between Robin and Superman.

Roxy later appeared as an enemy in the video game Batman: Chaos in Gotham, based on The New Batman Adventures. After Arkham Asylum underwent a massive breakout and all manner of super-villains started running rampant throughout Gotham City, Roxy took advantage of the situation to add the ensuing chaos. She was the fourth level boss,and Batman took her down before encountering Bane.

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