The evil Rosa Perez

Rosa Perez (Veronica Diaz-Carranza) was a recurring villainess from Season One of Spectrum's original series, L.A's Finest. She was the mother of Nancy (later McKenna; one of the series' main protagonist) and Nico Perez.

Rosa appeared in flashbacks in the episodes "...My Lovely" and "Dangerous Minds," and it was in the former of the two episodes that Rosa was revealed as a drunk and abusive villainess. As uncovered, Rosa regularly beat Nancy and Nico--the latter to the point where Rosa nearly broke Nico's nose. With the help of brothers Ray and Dante Sherman, Nancy was looking to take Nico and escape from Rosa's abusive grasp.

The final scenes of "...My Lovely" revealed that Rosa was killed by one of the siblings, and it was in "Dangerous Minds" that Rosa's killer was revealed as Nico. As the opening scene showed, the evil Rosa struck Nancy countless times with a belt while Nancy was retrieving the money that Dante left her as part of her plan to leave. Nico, seeing his sister being abused and fearing that Rosa would kill her, picked up a gun and shot Rosa to death.

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