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Blonde Rosa

Rosa (Tasia Valenza) is a female thug that appears in the 2004 video game Spider-Man 2. Although not named in-game, inspecting the game files reveals this enemy’s name as Rosa.

Blonde Variation: short blonde hair and wore a black leather jacket onto of a black tank top. She also wore purple and black striped jeans held on by a skull belt. She also has a large tattoo on her lower back, while sporting blue lipstick. Notably, she is the only variation with a septum ring.

Latina Variation: short brown hair with a red bandana and wore a green leather jacket on top of a red sports bra. She wore regular blue jeans. This variation also had purple eye shadow and a tattoo of a snake on her hip.

African American Variation: short dark brown hair and wore a denim jacket on top of a purple sports bra. She wore gray pants (held on with a skull belt) with a purple floral pattern on them. Additionally, this variation wore purple lipstick.

Rosa occasionally fights using her bare hands but will sometimes attack the player using a wrench, pistol, crowbar, or sub machine gun. When fighting bare handed, she will attempt to either punch him or kick him. If she is successful in hitting Spider-Man with a kick, it will knock him back, which can leave him open to another attack. Also, if Spider-Man is a distance away from her and if she has no ranged weaponry on her, Rosa will also attempt to hit Spider-Man with a glass bottle which can be hard to dodge. She can also easily dodge Spider-Man's webs easily if faced head on, which can make tying her up and disarming her difficult. However, she can easily be tied if targeted and hit by a web-ball. Also, unlike some of the male thugs of the game, Rosa cannot block any of Spider-Man's attacks, making her an easy opponent to easily knock out in a straight fight.

In a story mission, Rosa can be seen attempting to rob Mary Jane Watson in an alley with two other thugs. She is stopped and knocked unconscious by Spider-Man before presumably being arrested.

Throughout the game, she can be seen committing other various crimes such as armed robbery, breaking and entering, as well as general harassment of the innocent civilians. All crimes result in Spider-Man knocking Rosa out cold.

Using a deblurring algorithm, the original textures can be brought to a higher definition of what they were originally supposed to be, and they are shown in the gallery below.

Quotes Edit

  • "Aw you gonna cry, baby? Huh? HUH?!" (Rosa harassing a civilian)
  • "LOSER!" (Rosa mocking and harassing a civilian)
  • "You guys are a bunch of wimps!" (During a gang turf war)
  • "Give me your money!"
  • "Oops! So sorry. Ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Beat him up!"
  • "Give him one for me!"
  • "Yeah Yeah Yeah, woo woo woo!" (Rosa cheering her fellow thugs while harassing a civilian or if Spider-Man has been dealt damage)
  • "Yeah! Yeah!"
  • "Alright, ha!"
  • "Stop fighting me, you little stupid!" (Rosa trying to steal a woman's purse)
  • "Come on, you stupid little!"
  • "You gonna make me hurt you?"
  • "Give me that!"
  • "Gotcha sucker!"
  • "I'm gonna be the girl who got Spider-Man."
  • "Taking you down will make me a hero."
  • "You sent my brother to the joint!" (Rosa expressing her vengeful attitude at Spider-Man for her brother's imprisonment)
  • "Give me that back!" (Rosa shouting at Spider-Man after disarming her weapon)
  • "I'll take you on!"
  • "I'll beat you down!"
  • "You are so dead!"
  • "Come on, Spider! I'll squash ya!"
  • "Man, you ain't nothing!"
  • "Freak! I'll teach you!"
  • "Hope this hurts."
  • "This is our turf now!"
  • "You guys are a bunch of wimps!"
  • "You shouldn't have come around here if you wanted to stay alive!"
  • "Time for a little of the old ultra violence!"
  • "Truce till we get rid of the spider. Get em!"
  • "Spider-Man?! We'll take care of him, then we'll take care of the other guys."
  • "Waste the hero first. Once he's done, all bet's are off."
  • "Whoa! The Spider-Man!" (Rosa surprised while being encountered by Spider-Man)
  • "Hey Spider-Man just showed!" (Rosa warning her fellow thugs)
  • "Hey the web-swinger just showed up, guys."
  • "Look out, here comes Spider-Man!"
  • "Alright our trap worked!" (Rosa after luring Spider-Man into an ambush with her fellow thugs.)
  • "Start it up. We're outta here!" (Rosa attempting to escape in a getaway car)
  • "Get to the car!"
  • "All we want is the money."
  • "Stop fighting me, you little stupid!"
  • "You gonna make me hurt you?" (Rosa attempting to rob a civilian)
  • "You ain't taking us in!"
  • "Uh oh... trouble!"
  • "Come and get us, cops!"
  • "EAT LEAD, PIG!" (Rosa while attempting to kill a police officer)
  • "Quiet, pig!" (Rosa while holding a security guard at gunpoint)
  • "Whatever." (Rosa responding to a security guard about not getting away with her crime)
  • "Ha ha! It sure look that way don't it?" (Rosa responding to a security guard about getting away with a robbery)
  • "Wanna bet?" (Rosa responding to a security guard that she and her thugs will get away with the robbery)
  • "All we want is the money!" (Rosa holding a store clerk at gunpoint)
  • "Hey! Where'd the web-head go?"
  • "He's gonna crash us!"
  • "How can he be so strong?"
  • "No, don't!" (Rosa shouting at Spider-Man to not damage her car)
  • "Empty the register! And I want to make a complaint, your country and western section stinks!" (Female Thug when robbing a store)
  • "Oh... Johnny..." (Rosa after being knocked out by Spider-Man, presumably thinking about a boyfriend before passing out)
  • "Ah man, why me?" (Rosa after being hung by light post by Spider-Man while still being conscious.)
  • "My eyes! Ugh!" (Rosa after being webbed in the eyes by Spider-Man)
  • "Ugh! Can't see!"
  • "Ah! Get this stuff out of my face!" (Rosa attempting to clean her eyes of the web)
  • "What is this stuff?!" (Rosa after her entire body is webbed by Spider-Man)
  • "Can't... ugh... move." (Rosa trying to break free of Spider-Man's webbing)

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