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Roleil (Elizabeth Lloyd Shaw) is a minor antagonist in the 1983 adult animated movie Fire and Ice. She is a beautiful, youthful-looking redheaded witch.

Roleil first appears when her monstrous son brings the escaped Princess Teekra to their hut. She tells her that everything will be all-right and soothes her. Roleil produces a goblet with a mysterious drink in; Teekra drinks from it and falls unconscious. Roleil takes a bit of Teekra’s hair and puts it in her couldron discover her secrets; she discovers that Teekra is hunted by Nekron and Queen Juliana.

Roleil decides to use her to her advantage. She tells her son to tell the sub-humans (Nekron's minions) to come to her hut and she will offer up Teekra to them, for a price. However, she is betrayed by the sub-humans. First they kill her son; an angry (and unarmed) Roleil attacks a sub-human but is impaled upon his sword. The sub-human then burns her hut.

Her charred skeleton is briefly raised by Larn, who asks her where Teekra is going. Roleil only gives him information because he is going to get vengeance on Nekron and Juliana, who caused her death. She is then laid back to rest.