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Risako Nagisa (凪紗りさこ) is the villainess in the OVA Aika R-16: Virgin Mission (2007, Studio Fantasia). She's voiced by Naoko Suzuki (Japanese) & Tara Platt (English). In Aika Zero she is no longer a villainess.

Risako (or Risako-sensei, as she is referred when in school) is introduced as the teacher of Aika Sumeragi, the 16-year old heroine of R-16. In her role as teacher she dresses conservatively and wears her hair up. She is shown to be a serious teacher and strict disciplinarian, harshly punishing Aika for her frequent tardiness.

This seriousness is carried over in her role as secret agent, where she has no problem using physical force against her female students in her attempt to keep Aika and the club from achieving their goal. She is also shown to have a playful and seductive side. For, even when she is still seen by her students as their teacher and club advisor, she lounges around in a bikini and openly teases a young Gusto, shocking her female students. This duplicitousness makes her appear very dangerous, as she is obviously a capable woman in whatever role she plays.

In contrast to the way she dresses in school, Risako seems to prefer sexy and revealing clothing.

Risako has combat skill comparable to a 16-year-old Aika Sumeragi and even gained the upper hand until Karen Minamino's interference. Although Risako was likely stronger than Aika at this point, getting completely overwhelmed and knocked out despite being in a dominant position because of a hot crab likely implies that the gap between the two wasn't massive.

In Aika Zero, Aika seems to have completely surpassed Risako as Miyu was able to instantly take her out with overwhelming speed while Aika seemed to have little trouble with Miyu. This is further shown when Risako was seen on the ground and forced to use a gun for the time in the series against Misumi while Aika was able to take down multiple White Knights with relative ease. Although the battle between Misumi and Risako isn't shown, given her position on the ground and the fact that she sighed after resorting to using firearms in battle for the first time in the series, it's likely that Risako was outmatched in a battle of pure hand-to-hand combat.