Rihanna 1 BBHMM

Rihanna as an evil henchwoman

Rihanna (played by herself) is the brutal protagonist of the artist's 2015 music video " Bitch Better Have My Money".

Rihanna discovers that her accountant has been stealing money from her. As payback, she and her two unnamed female thugs (the brunette played by Sanam) kidnap and torture his wife. When he blows Rihanna off, she then kidnaps, tortures and then graphically murders him.

It is never made entirely clear if the wife is ultimately murdered. At one point, she appears to have been drowned in a pool, but is then shown still alive in two clips at seperate locations after. On the other hand, the last time that we see the wife, she is naked inside of the trunk, immediately followed by a shot of Rihanna grabbing a chainsaw off of a workbench (a weapon that she is never shown using on the husband). The final scene of the video depicts Rihanna relaxing inside of the same trunk, covered in blood and dollar bills. Regardless, while the husband no doubt sparked Rihanna's ire, his wife was neither complicit nor aware of his actions, and thus, can be regarded as a completely innocent victim.

Gallery Edit

Rihanna 2 BBHMM

A mysterious shot kicks offf the video...

Rihanna 3 BBHMM

Her unwitting target beside her, Rihanna performs a quick "presto change-o" in the elevator...

Rihanna 4 BBHMM

Taking a break while her goons load the trunk into the car...

Rihanna 5 BBHMM

A brief, yet, high alert stop at a gas station...

Rihanna 6 BBHMM

The trio knocks the wife unconscious and pulls a little "Weekend at Bernie's" to fool a passing cop...

Rihanna 8 BBHMM

To their dismay, the husband still hasn't paid...

Rihanna 7 BBHMM

There's that cop again, but by this time, she is beyond just unconscious...

Rihanna 9 BBHMM

He didn't pay, because he was already cheating on his wife with hookers...

Rihanna 10 BBHMM

...prompting Rihanna to go with a direct approach this time.

Rihanna 11 BBHMM
Rihanna 12 BBHMM
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