Remi Mizuchi (海槌麗巳) is the primary antagonist of the first story arc of the manga "Sukeban Deka" (スケバン刑事), as well as the 1991 original video animation of the same name. She is the elder sister of Ayumi Mizuchi  and Emi Mizuchi.

Prior to the OVA's events, Remi orchestrates a horrific scheme to viciously murder 76 of her schoolmates from Takanoha Gakuen High School; a plan that is thereafter executed with the help of her two siblings. Soon after, a new batch of students are enrolled, the parents of whom Gozo plans to exploit in order to further his family's success.

Remi 2

Remi is the mastermind behind the school's takeover. Unlike her two sisters, her eyes change throughout the course of the OAV, from very sweet and trusting to frighteningly sinister, depending on who is around her at the time. After quickly viewing Saki Asamiya as a potential threat, Remi frames both her and her friend Sampei Nowaki for the abduction (and subsequent murder) of classmate Junko Yuina; a crime that had actually been hatched by her sister, Emi.

Remi 1

The whip-wielding Remi, now in her army camouflage.

After placing the majority of Takanoha's students under hypnosis, Remi takes steps to ensure that her two sisters, as well as her father, are murdered, resulting in her acquiring all of their accumulated wealth. She then makes her escape in a helicopter, vowing that, once she has accrued enough power, she will return to Japan and seize the entire country. However, at the last minute, she spots Saki on the roof of her mansion and leaps out of the chopper in order to finish the heroine off; feeling very thrilled that she has finally been granted the chance to kill someone with her bare hands. After a very heated battle, however, Saki catches Remi off guard, knocks her unconscious with her trademark yo-yo and arrests her.

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