Frocie 09 - Batty
Reginald Fik and her crossdressing associates are the antagonists of the 1982 Italian erotic comic "Batty & Gay #10: La Finocchiona".

Dressed as a man, Reginald dishonestly seduces titular heroine Batty and offers her a job as a secretary. When Fik states that n male guests may be brought to her property, Betty has her friend Gay dress as a woman so that he can attend her new boss's gathering. When Reginald discovers that Gay is a man, she orders her friends, who are also crossdressers, to kill him. However, as Gay had been training in karate, he is able to subdue them. Batty then takes a club to Reginald, and then to her servant, Sorkinus.

Though not outright confirmed to be killed, Gay describes the array of bodies in the aftermath as a "morgue/funeral".

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