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Regina Lake is the secondary protagonist of the 1988 Italian erotic comic story "l'Artiglio d'Acciaio" (The Steel Claw), part of the episodic series "Il Marchese" and first published in "Dott. Graff #6". She was created by artist Giovanni Romanini.

Regina is an American journalist. Two years before the story began, she had been investigating a chain of horrible crimes. Her search eventually lead her to the culprit; a man who butchered his victims using a large hook. As she watched the blood dripping from the instrument in his hand while awaiting the arrival of the police, excited feelings began stirring within her. Unable to get the image out of her mind, she had her own blade forged in Damascus and began a spree of seducing men and women and then, near the climax when her bloodlust had reached its peak, she would reach for her long claw and slice their flesh, face and genitals until they perished.

Meanwhile, the protagonist, Belisarius "Bel" Gold, has successfully funded research and development for a type of gas called "Gamma32" which penetrates the brain, occupies the frontal lobe and replaces self-defense mechanisms with those of aggression. He plans to sell the product on the black market, but is troubled when he learns that one of his biggest buyers, General Goya of Ecuador, is rumored to have switched to a competitor instead. Bel enlists in the aid of Regina to find out if it is true.

Regina decides to have sex with and subsequently slaughter two people while waiting for her opportunity to meet with the General. When the moment arrives, she screws and kills him as well, much to the anger of Bel. Considering Regina to be too dangerous to his plans, he takes her claw and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

Hungry for blood, Regina seeks out a prostitute.

Bel is none to pleased.

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