Rebecca Holden

Greedy kidnapper Rebecca Holden

Rebecca Holden (Vanessa Evigan) was the hidden main villainess from the 2016 Lifetime film, I Know Where Lizzie Is (airdate July 31, 2016).

Rebecca Holden was both the stepmother of Lizzie Holden and also the second wife of Martin Holden. Upon learning that Lizzie was named as the beneficiary in Martin's will, Rebecca devised an evil plan to kill Lizzie so she could inherit her husband's massive fortune. She discovered psychic Tracy Spencer on YouTube and asked for her aid in kidnapping Lizzie, supposedly planning to acquire the ransom for her return, which was set at $2 million by Martin during a news conference that occurred hours after Lizzie was abducted by Tracy's husband Henry.

Rebecca's villainous reveal came after she, Tracy, Martin, and Judith were all interviewed on TV by reporter Gale Chambers. With Tracy sitting in the Holdens' backyard after said interview due to experiencing stage fright, Rebecca reveals herself as being the true mastermind behind Lizzie's kidnapping. The greedy villainess then informed Tracy about a "change of plans" that involved killing Lizzie, though Rebecca admitted it had been her plan all along since she wants to inherit Martin's fortune, while also threatening to out Tracy as Lizzie's abductor if she refused to agree to Rebecca's demands.

Afterwards, Rebecca and Martin were both interviewed by Gale on TV while her evil plan was still in motion. However, when Lizzie was found alive in the trunk of Rebecca's car, Rebecca herself became nervous after Gale repeatedly asked if she had anything to do with the kidnapping. Eventually, Rebecca decided to leave after stating that she wouldn't talk without her lawyer present. However, it then turns out that she only brought up a lawyer as an excuse to get away from the house, having realized that Gale was getting too close to the truth. As Rebecca talked with an unknown person on her phone trying to make arrangements for her escape, she was suddenly struck and killed by an oncoming car.


  • "Listen to me. I have been good to that little brat for four years, and that measly little two-million dollar ransom isn't nearly enough for all my hard work. Do you have any idea how much my husband is even worth? And that will gives it all to his precious little bitch! Lizzie is the only thing standing between me and Martin's many, many millions." (Rebecca Holden revealing her greed and true villainous role)
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