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(ラスネティ) is an evil necromancer from the 1990 roleplaying game Illumina! (イルミナ!) by Cocktail Soft.

Rasunetei first appears working for a corrupt lord named Gonzoro, who has been abducting and raping young women for not being able to pay the ridiculously high taxes he has imposed. When the hero party confronts the lord within his manor, Rasunetei attempts to intervene. She uses paralyzing magic on the hero and prepares to kill him, stating that his death will not be in vain, as she will reanimate his corpse to be recruited in her unholy army of the undead. The villainess hesitates, however, when she spots a strange birthmark on the palm of his hand.

Concerned with this revelation, Rasunetei flees the building, but then stealthily shadows the hero party from that point on; secretly using magic to try to unlock the hero's memories of his past life from within his dreams. She also helps lure him into a cave, where he discovers a demonic statue with the very same emblem on it's hand that he has.

Raz 2

Rasunetei's battle sprite.

When the party return to the village of Cork, they are horrified to discover that Rasunetei has murdered all of it's inhabitants and transformed them into zombies. The necromancer venomously calls the hero a coward, and enlightens him as to why he lost his memories. She explains that he is the son of the King of Darkness, and that during the ritual which would make him the successor, he fled with his older sister. She goes on to say that the hero houses a remarkable power of darkness that has been squandered from the moment he chose to align himself with the side of light, and demands that he return with her back to their lair.

The hero rejects the offer, prompting Rasunetei to summon all of the zombified villagers to kill him. When the hero notices notices his friend Shaina among them, he becomes livid with rage and unleashes a supressed holy power which causes the corpses to return to their lifeless state. It is then that Rasunetei attacks the hero party herself, and is subsequently killed. 

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Character entry from the instruction manual.

Raz 4

Having just attacked Cork Village...

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Appearing behind the hero.

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