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Raquel Mathieu is a secondary character in the 1984 erotic Italian comic "Terror 182: Sudario di Bellezza". She was created by artist Francesco Blanc.

Officially, Raquel is an employee of the St. Etienne de lussac hospital. Secretly, however, she earns money on the side through shady means. One of these happens to be taking aborted fetuses and selling them to the story's main protagonist, Marlène Prevost.

One night, Marlène calls Raquel and tells her that she is in need of a live fetus still connected to its mother's womb, so that she can harvest its organic material to create a rejuvenating beauty cream for herself. Raquel knows that it would be too risky to obtain such a thing from the hospital, so her boyfriend, Tripot tells Marlène that they'll get what she needs for twenty thousand francs and suggests that they go after a prostitute instead.

Pretending to be a client, Raquel lures a pregnant prostitute into her car. Once inside, Tripot chloroforms the unsuspecting young woman and the two drive her to Marlène's company. After assisting with the process, Raquel and her mate are compensated for their service and then leave. However, the following day, Marlène shows up their doorstep and murders the two of them with a pistol. Though annoyed that she is out twenty thousand francs, she believes she will get away with the murders scott-free, as Tripot was a convicted felon and Raquel's willingness to take any dirty job would lead the police to believe that they were done in by an enemy from the criminal underworld.

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