Rachel Lefferson's Mother

Rachel Lefferson's abusive and psychotic mother

Rachel Lefferson's unnamed mother (Geneva Carr) is a villainess from the 2013 film Darkroom. She was the mother of the film's main villainess, Rachel Lefferson, as well as Rachel's two siblings, Larry Farland and Daniel.

Flashbacks of the three siblings' childhood were shown throughout the film, which initially paint the trio's mother as a kind and loving parent. However, after main protagonist Michelle stumbled across the siblings' surveillance room after briefly escaping captivity in their isolated mansion, she viewed a videotape that revealed their mother's true nature as a psychotic and abusive woman towards her children.

As revealed during the tape, Rachel's mother was a religious zealot, shown by her having her children state that they had sinned and were in need of purging. The deranged mother then proceeded to lash out her abusive punishments towards her children for their perceived sins, calling Daniel a coward and splashing his chest with acid after finding he was reading superhero comics and forcing Rachel to call herself a "dirty girl" when she learned she'd had her first period. Lastly, the mother chided Larry for not setting the table correctly, resulting in her getting hurt. Despite Larry's meek apology, the villainess stated that "God's law" said he needed to be punished before preparing to torture her son with a drill, with the tape stopping before the grisly act was shown. The abusive mother's ultimate fate is left unknown.


  • Geneva Carr also appeared on Person of Interest as the evil Liz Picket.
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