Billionaires ransom

Ready for the kill

Billionaire ransom

Searching for the escaped teens

Rachel Hennie (Julia Ragnarsson) is a viscous mercenary in the 2016 movie Billionaire Ransom (also known as Take Down)

In BILLIONAIRE RANSOM, Kyle (Jeremy Sumpter) is the spoiled and entitled son of a wealthy father. He attends a party and meets Amy (Phoebe Tonkin), and they immediately hit it off. They leave the party together, and Kyle, still drunk, wrecks his car by losing control and flipping it over; he flees the scene and leaves Amy for dead. While his father does use his connections to get Kyle out of jail, he decides that the only way Kyle can learn responsibility is by being sent to a tough-love camp on a remote island in the UK for rich kids who messed up one too many times. Kyle is resistant at first, and is horrified to discover that Amy is also there; quite naturally, she despises him. But just when Kyle is starting to warm up to his new life, and has patched things up with Amy, three mercenaries invade the camp, kill the counselors and security guards, and take the wealthy teens hostage. They demand one billion dollars from their parents, but Kyle manages to escape. He frees the other teens from being tied up, and they take to the woods. Now, Kyle and his new friends must try to use the survival skills they have learned to fight back against the mercenaries and to also prove that they're no longer the spoiled brats they once were.

After the teens escape Rachel pursues them in the woods and trips one of their boobie traps which sends wood spikes into her leg.She survives this trap and painfully removes the spikes from her leg.Later she comes upon Kyle who shoots an arrow at her just missing. She points her gun at Kyle demanding him to go on his knees.As she prepares to shoot him Amy sees what's going on and jumps on Rachel and they roll down a hill. A fight ensues and ends with Amy puncturing Rachels neck killing her.

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