Queenie Police Academy The Animated Series Zillion Dollar Zed 00

The evil Queenie

Queenie is a villainess from the cartoon Police Academy: The Animated Series. She appears in the 1988 episode Zillion Dollar Zed.

She is a minion of the villainous criminal The Gamester, a man who likes to operate under the theme of various tricks and games when he steals money. Queenie wears a crown on her head and dresses in a short pink dress with red hearts on. She also wears high heel pumps with the same colour and pattern as her dress, as well as a pair of white gloves on her hands.

She is first seen with the Gamester in his hot air balloon. Queenie helps launch an aerial attack on a police van by dropping giant dice and jacks from above. The villains then steal the police payroll from the van and fly back to their hideout. At the hideout, they discover that they have stolen $10k from the police, but the Gamester isn’t content and wants a bigger prize. He plans to rig the lottery so that the $50m jackpot matches his ticket, and sends one of his henchmen to the lottery HQ to divert signals back to the hideout so that he can rig the numbers. But his henchman gets distracted at a vital moment, and instead the winning lottery numbers end up going to Police Officer Zed.

The Gamester is furious that his plan failed, and instead plans to kidnap Zed and obtain the $50m as the ransom for his return. Queenie is sent to Zed’s newly purchased mansion under the guise of giving him a pedicure. There she learns that Zed is planning a big party for his police friends that evening and lets the Gamester know.

The villains show up at the party pretending to be providing a carnival as entertainment. Queenie leads all of the police on to a ghost train ride that deals with them one by one when they get inside. She uses this opportunity to kidnap Zed, and grabs him along with the other henchman. The bad guys escape with the kidnapped Zed on a rocket, and fly back to their hideout.

Back at the Gamester’s lair, Zed is dropped into a maze of madness with doors that could lead to potential doom for him. He is then later put into a giant hourglass that could potentially kill him when the sand finishes falling on him. The police eventually find their way to the Gamester’s hideout, and after dealing with a few tricks and traps, they arrest Queenie and the two other villains.


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