Queen Nehelenia

Queen Nehelenia can shoot energy waves of darkness, and also spiderlike threads. She is also impervious to most attacks.

In the manga, she was skilled in crafting curses, as well as being a strong force of darkness. She cursed Elysion, which was only protected by Helios until the eclipse occurred, which would infect Elysion, Helios, Tuxedo Mask, the Earth, and eventually Sailor Moon. She was capable of placing a prophecy of death on the infant Princess Serenity in the Silver Millennium, which was fulfilled by the Dark Kingdom. She was also able to corrupt the four Asteroid Senshi while they were in slumber, turning them into her Amazoness Quartet. She was able to create an illusion around Earth that the solar eclipse had ended shortly after her arrival, when in fact the eclipse remained, casting darkness on the Earth, until she was finally defeated.


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