Credentia (actress unknown) is the evil queen of the planet Diana in the Flash Gordon 1955 episode ‘The Lure of Light’.

The queen is paroled by the Galaxy Council after her defeat at war. As Flash is preparing to escort her back to Diana she overhears a plan to enable the Sky Flash, Flash Gordon’s space ship, to travel at the speed of light. She later has her henchwomen kidnap Flash’s female companion Dale in order to obtain information about the plan. Credentia seeks to use the speed of light to go back in time to change the outcome of the war she lost. The queen tortures Dale to make her reveal the plan, however Flash’s companion does not relent and she dies before divulging the secret. Flash and Dr. Zarko intervene too late as Dale is already dead. Flash threatens Credentia with revenge if she does not leave Dale's corpse alone. Flash and Zarko leave Credentia and her henchwoman alone with Dale's corpse so as to try using the speed of light to bring back time. The two men succeed and return at an earlier point, when Dale is still alive. Credentia and her henchwoman are led away at gunpoint by Dr. Zarko. 

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