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The Quansa Valkyrie unit henchwomen are a group of comic book criminal mercenaries under the leadership of the arch villainess Darkfire (Vanessa Cord).

Appear in - Black Diamond (USA AC Comics 1983)

Issue 1 - The Darkfire affair: The Gauntlet

Issue 2 - The Darkfire affair: Mindkill.

Story - Tiana Mathews, aka The Black Diamond, is a secret agent for Infocom 3. She is ambushed by armed green uniformed women, but manages to defeat them all. She learns that the villainess Darkfire, a top agent of the evil crime cartel Quansa, and leader of the henchwomen who attacked her, the "Valkyrie Unit," has stolen an experimental "mind control" device, with which she intends to destroy Infocom 3 - using Black Diamond herself under her mind control. Tiana is assigned to take on the villainess and her Valkyries. Black Diamond manages to make herself immune to the mind controller. In the climactic encounter with Darkfire's henchwomen at a zoo, Black Diamond takes down all of them, then fights with the arch villainess; when Darkfire attempts to control Tiana's mind with the device, it fails - but its power rebounds onto the enraged evil doer. Darkfire collapses, defeated, her brain possibly damaged.

Role in the story - The Valkyries are mainly seen pursuing/ambushing Black Diamond, usually armed with guns. In one encounter Black Diamond infiltrates a Quansa hideout, fights and defeats 3 Valkyrie agents. Black Diamond always defeats them.

Appearance - Mainly white women (with some black) in their 20s, dressed in green catsuit type uniforms and green boots.

Weapons - Guns and knives

Fate - Two Valkyries die by "committing suicide," ordered to while under Darkfire's mind control device (Darkfire ruthlessly showing to Black Diamond the power she now possesses); as to the others, 1 dies by falling during combat with Black Diamond, and we can assume the rest are arrested after being defeated by the heroine.

Notes - In the 1980's a Black Diamond movie was trailed by AC comics, starring Lois Hamilton as the heroine. However, nothing came of it.

Darkfire herself does appear in other AC comic stories, though, as far as I know, this was (unfortunately) the only appearance of the Quansa Valkyrie Unit.

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