Purid Mos (Tarzan/John Carter: Warlords of Mars)

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Captain of the Red Cadre and Zodangan master assassin. She was the first to meet Tarzan on his arrival on Barsoom (home of John Carter). Appeared in comic Tarzan/John Carter: Warlords of Mars (1996) #1-4. Art by Bret Blevins.

Plot Edit

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On the world of Barsoom (home of John Carter), Purid Mos was a Zodangan master assassin and captain of the Red Cadre soldiers. She acted as if she were a queen, treating all with cruel contempt, including her soldiers/servants. Tarzan was accidentally transported to Barsoom and Purid captured him. She initially ordered Tarzan killed, but seeing his skill in her slave fighting pits she saw a potential ally to defeat John Carter. Purid attempted to seduce Tarzan to her side, but Tarzan flatly refused. Purid then used Martian technology to enter Tarzan’s memories, brainwashing him into thinking she was his lover Jane and John Carter was his enemy.

Purid had Tarzan infiltrate the city of Helium in order to capture John Carter. She had actually become infatuated with Tarzan and flew into a jealous rage when he appeared to kiss Dejah Thoris. Tarzan’s brainwashing eventually wore off, but he and John Carter were forced by Purid to dual in the fighting pits. As they fought, the other slaves and most soldiers revolted against Purid Mos. At the same time, Dejah Thoris with the fighters of Helium attacked in order to rescue John Carter. Purid Mos attempted to escape, sacrificing several of her still loyal followers along the way. Dejah Thoris caught up to Purid and to they engaged in battle. Purid considered herself a superior swordfighter, but she was impaled and killed (off panel). 

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