The evil principal fires rockets

The Principal is a boss from the 2014 video game JK Hazard (JKハザード). She is the principal of the school that the game takes place in.

She has four methods of attacking the heroine:

  • Throwing grenades
  • Firing rockets from a rocket launcher
  • Shooting bullets from two pistols
  • Hip attack: bending over and jumping ass first into you


The protagonist teacher, Miss Kaori, visits the Principal's office early in the game, only to be surprised that it has not been destroyed like the rest of the school. Nevertheless, the Principal tells her to continue searching for students who have been captured by the insects. Kaori does just this, but is increasingly perplexed as to why many of the girls are tied up or have their hands cuffed to various structures; something that the invading bugs would not have the capability to do.

On the twelfth floor, one of the rescued girls claims that she saw the Principal open up a dimensional rift from which the insects then poured out. Kaori confronts the Principal over this, only for it to be confirmed by the villainess. The Principal says that she has noticed how insects have become a more dangerous force for humans to reckon with in recent times and that she decided she wanted to be on the winning side by helping to create a "kingdom of insects" of which she would become the queen bee. When Kaori rejects the offer of joining her in this mission, the Principal states that she'll feed her corpse to the insects and proceeds to battle her.

If the player rescues 18 girls or less, then the Prinicpal is not seen again and is implied to have been killed by Kaori. If the player rescues 19 or more students, however, it is revealed that the Principal is still alive and has in fact been working with the school chairman. A scene is then shown of the Principal getting raped by the chairman as she begs him for another chance. The true final battle against another enormous insect begins from here. It is never made clear whether this is simply another powerful bug from the other dimension or a transformation of the Principal herself, leaving her ultimate fate uncertain.


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