Princess Hamaguri 1 - Tengai Makyou II
Princess Hamaguri (はまぐり姫) is a secondary villainess in the 1992 PC Engine CD RPG "Tengai Makyou II: Manji Maru" (天外魔境II 卍MARU).

Princess Hamaguri is the master of Genmu Castle and a member of the evil Root Clan. She first disguises herself first as Manjimaru's mother; attempting to feed him poisonous food, encouraging him to remove all of his equipment to take a bath, and even take a nap, all so that she can then ambush him in these vulnerable states. A short while later, she transforms into a doppelganger of Kabuki Danjuro in order to deceive the heroes. She is killed in Genmu Castle, but is revived one more time at the Grand Izumo Shrine where she is then defeated for good.

Princess Hamaguri 2 - Tengai Makyou II
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Princess Hamaguri 4 - Tengai Makyou II

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