The evil Princess Erzebeth

Princess Erzebeth is an evil princess from the 24th Fansadox story The Steel Trap Maiden by Ferres.

She is a very cruel and sadistic princess who thoroughly enjoys abusing her two servants Annais and Joliet. At the start of the story she has Joliet bound and forces Annais to whip her, Erzebeth threatens both servants with worse punishment if Annais doesn't whip Joliet hard enough. Annais complies and violently whips Joliet as the evil princess pleasures herself to the sight of the torture.

Later in the story Joliet is raped by the princess' guards without the princess' permission. She has the guards lashed but saves worse punishment for Joliet who was merely a victim. Under the orders of the princess, Joliet is whipped for half an hour and sexually violated by both the princess and some of her other guards.

Throughout the story is a war between two kingdoms, one of which is Erzebeth's. She and her two servants are eventually captured and the princess is forced in to becoming the bride of the king of the rival kingdom. In one scene just after Erzebeth has been whipped, her two servants are made to clean her for the king. The princess is bound as the two servants brush her, but the pain from the earlier whipping causes the brushing to be very painful for the princess. The servants continue brushing despite the princess' protests, and are clearly enjoying the fact that they are causing the princess pain after all the pain she has caused them.

Erzebeth is then branded, forced to wear a mask and kept bound.


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