Appear in -

Ame-Comi Girls no. 23  - "White Canary vs Pinky Violence" (USA DC comics 2013)

Comic book villainesses the Pinky Violence Gang are a group of ruthless female bandits. In the story they make a raid on a Las Vegas casino, gunning down a number of employees; they are stealing money when White Canary, who works for the casino, arrives on the scene. Going into battle against the evil doers, using her stunning canary "chirp" - which has the power to knock over her adversaries and send them flying - plus her unarmed combat skills, White Canary easily defeats the gang.

Appearance - Four young women, dressed in silver body suits with helmets, which are based on lipstick containers. There is a different color of lipstick atop each helmet differentiating them.

Weapons - sub machine guns

Fate - Arrested

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