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Penny 'Poops' Cooper (Rhonda Shear) is a minor antagonist in the 1996 comedy sci-fi film "Earth Minus Zero".

Penny 'Poops' Cooper was a sleazy news reporter who will do anything to get a story.  She hears of possible story of aliens and begs her boss to give her the story.  He agrees but on one condition, she go into it with bumbling camera man John Wayne 'J.W.' (Don Stark).

Penny and J.W. first go break into the laboratory of Dr. Mobius Jefferson (Pat Morita) to find his invention he plans to save the world with.  In the meantme, Dr. Jefferson has been abducted by an alien who intends to put humans in an intergalactic zoo.

Penny and J.W. arrive at the home of the Heller family, who the alien has infiltrated.  The kids have taken a powerful remote that the alien has used to shrink the kids parents, and use it on the alien.  Now Penny and J.W. attempt to take the remote from the kids Joey (Brock Pierce) and Cindy (Brittney Lee Harvey).  A struggle ensues and J.W. and Penny are kicked out of the second story window of the house.  

Arriving back into the house, they are shrunk by Joey as they once again attempt to take the remote.  

In the end, they are taken to the aliens planet, where they are the only humans.  This is the end of the film, and Penny is not happy to have to spend the last days of her life with J.W. as the only man around.


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