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Paulette Larue is the primary antagonist of the 1987 Italian erotic comic story "Scandal Club", part of the episodic series "Il Marchese" and first published in "Dott. Graff #4". She was created by artist Giovanni Romanini.

A fashion model, Paulette was once turned away by Paris fashion leader Remy Roland for being "too shapely". Sometime later, she discovers that Remy is dating a trans-woman named Alain Vitrac and decides that she would make for the perfect pawn to get back at her refuser.

Though attracted to men, Alain had nevertheless been successfully seduced by Paulette who had their sexual encounters secretly photographed. When the time was right, she showed the photos to Alain and told her that she planned to give them to Remy. This incident drove Alain to commit suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathtub.

A few days later, after having just finished a sexual solo stage show, Paulette meets protagonist Belisarius "Bel" Gold, who happens to be an idol of hers. Bel takes her back to his place for sex, but when he goes to pay her for her service, she mentions that she would like something else instead. Paulette says that she has heard stories about an underworld circle called "Scandal Club" and that Bel happens to be the founder of said association. The protagonist states that the club isn't an easy to get into, and that newcomers must prove their evil tendencies by telling a tale of a heinous act that they have committed. Paulette is thrilled to hear that that's all it takes, as she has the perfect confession in mind.

Paulette is ushered into Scandal Club and indulges in a group sex encounter with several of its members, before finally and proudly, on Bel's cue, tells the story of how she masterminded Alain's suicide. At that moment, Remy - who had been invited into the club by Bel and up until this point had his face concealed - attacked her in a rage. Bel stops him, however, and says that senior members must vote to determine if someone lives or dies. Said members Agustus Fast and Melina Sunset, each impressed with Paulette's cruelty, vote to keep her alive. Nevertheless, as the founder of Scandal Club, Bel overrides their votes, as Remy is a dear friend of his. Remy is then given the pleasure of killing Paulette by sodomizing her with a red hot iron phallus, which ultimately bursts out of her chest. Remy, who also desired to join Scandal Club, gets his wish as each of the members were able to witness his own heinous act right then and there.

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