Pandora (Marissa Delgado) is a villainess who appears in the martial arts comedy "Bamboo Gods and Iron Men". (1974)

Cal Jefferson and his sweetheart Arlene are a newlywed African American couple honeymooning in Hong Kong. Arlene purchases a Buddha statuette as a memento of their trip in a knick knack shop. Unbeknownst to the honeymooners, the statuette contains a substance that could lead to world domination by its owner. This compel the mastermind Leonardo 'Leo' King and his bad guys to pursue Cal and Arlene with the intention of investing them of the Buddha statuette.

King is the owner of a massage parlor. His girlfriend Pandora goes undercover as a masseuse to observe a friend of Cal who carries a suspicious bundle. The topless henchbabe begins to interrogate him but he refuses to answer. A henchman reveals his true identity and a toweled fist fight breaks out until Pandora pulls a gun on them. Cal's buddy throws a gas bomb but Pandora and the other villains can escape.

Later Arlene leaves to go shopping in a botique. Pandora confronts her wih a gun in the changing room and the heroine is captured by the villains. Cal and his friends tries to rescue her, which leads to an outdoors gun fight between the forces of good and evil. As King takes aim at Mr. Jefferson, Arlene bites him in the hand. She tries to run away but Pandora chases after her and quickly catches up. The heroine wears a miniskirt while the barefooted Pandora is attired in a long dress slit on each side in order to better display her legs. The bout begins with some vigorous wrestling and rolling around on the ground. Pandora manages to straddle Arlene, only to be flipped off. The heroine then gets on top of her opponent and repeatedly bangs her head on the ground, but is flipped off herself by the agile Pandora.  Finally Arlene runs weeping into the arms of her husband.

King flees to an airfield and starts a helicopter. Pandora runs after him and screams desperately: "Leo, wait!" She runs onto the field, opens the heli door and snatches the bag with the substance out of Leo's hand. He shoves her back to the ground where she's knocked senseless. The furios Leo must land the heli to get the bag back. In the meantime, the police has surrounded the airfield. Pandora can revover but it's too late. She and Leo are arrested by the cops and sent to jail.






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