Pam and Polly 1 - (Eek! The Cat)

Pam and Polly (both voiced by E.G. Daily) are the primary antagonists of "Quadrapedia" - the 1993 musical episode of the cartoon "Eek! The Cat".

Pam and Polly are two evil cat witch sisters who wish to eliminate Annabelle for posing a threat to their status as the two most beautiful cats on earth (all told through a heavy metal song sung by the duo). Polly wears a long black gown and (barring any animation goofs) a moon pendant, while Pam wears a red latex outfit with a star pendant. With the help of their winged rats, they manage to capture Annabelle, as well as Eek! and Brave Elmo in their attempt to rescue her, and sadistically release a large group of lawyers to devour them. Their plan is foiled, however, when Sharky arrives and keeps the "monsters" at bay while the three make their escape.

"Annabelle" Lyrics Edit

Polly: I saw it clearly Pam, a cat way down there.
Big blue eyes, just a blimp, even pink hair.

Pam: You been dreamin', Polly. You know it can't be.
There's no cat on this earth who's as lovely, as beautiful as me... and you.

Polly: Annabelle! She isn't any dream! She makes me wanna SCREAM!
She's in this magazine, sister look at her. Just oozing wholesome, sweet and clean.

Pam: Ok, sister, you must listen to me.
We're not as helpless, as two cats up a tree.
There's a way we can stay the most beautiful, my dear.
This pretty kitty Annabelle must simply disappear.

Polly: Yes, my sister. It's suddenly so clear.
This pretty kitty Annabelle must simply disappear.

Both: We'll see to it, this pretty, kitty, Annabele, simply DISAPPEARS!

"Send in the Lawyers" Lyrics Edit

Polly: Isn't this cute? The lovers united. How tragic it won't be for long.
If I could a happy ending for all of you, lemme just you were wrong!

Pam: This creature has a hundred eyes, its caves are everywhere.
It's every thought, such complete evil, it could stand on in your hair!
Open the cage, sister!

Polly: Do you wanna be responsible for unleashing such a thing?
Of course these demons will wipe them out, but is it worth our suffering?

Pam: Open the cage, you foolish cat, or share this trio's fate.
Just pull the lever over there and open up that gate!
Release the Lawyers! Send in the lawyers!
Watch them do their thing!
When they're through with all of you, you'll be reduced to quivering, shivering things!

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