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Orla with the Orb of Lemuria.

Orla Maguire is a recurring character in The Bureau of Magical Things. Orla is an elf. She's bright, tough and charming with an unshakeable belief in her own cleverness. Orla works as an agent for the Department of Magical Intervention (DMI), which is responsible for containing magical outbreaks that might reveal magic to humans. In the human world, Orla is a news reporter. Here she diverts suspicion from magical outbreaks by casting doubt and ridicule upon them.

She is portrayed by Melanie Zanetti; while disguised as Imogen Blackwell and Kyra Glen, she is portrayed by Elizabeth Cullen and Kimie Tsukakoshi respectively.

Orla did her graduating thesis on shapeshifting, progressing to be one of the DMI's top agents. In particular, she is admired by Imogen Blackwell. To keep the existence of magic secret she works for TV RC, the news station of River City, which discredits magical incidents.