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Okatsu (Oukatsu, Sakura, 桜割) is a beautiful ninja assassin hired to kill the several members of the Brave 10. She controls snakes as weapons and uses paralyzing illusions to trap her prey.

Appearance Edit

Okatsu is a woman with long dark purple hair tied in a ponytail with accessories at the end of her hair. She has light purple eyes and huge breasts. She wears a light pink kimono robe with black & yellow bow sash. She has a twin sister named Kaiyo, who is also a ninja assassin.

Personality Edit

Okatsu is a flirty young woman who seems very pleased with herself. She gleefully taunts her opponents, targeting males, as they are more susceptible to her seductions and powers of illusion. She primarily uses her ninja skills for evasion and sneak attacks. She is quick to anger when things don’t go her way.

Plot Edit

Okatsu made her debut in episode 2 where she is sent to kill Brave 10 member Sasuke in a forest setting. She attacks Sasuke from afar with her controlled snakes and keeps jumping away from him to avoid direct confrontation. She continuously taunts Sasuke, saying he cannot catch her. After poisoning Sasuke she is near final victory when Anastasia joins forces against her. Okatsu mostly just annoyed and continues the long-range attacks. Sasuke finally catches Okatsu by grabbing her kimono okumi (skirt) and humiliatingly tosses her into trees and the ground. While she is recovering, Sasuke sics his forest animals on her. She is defeated (off-screen), but somehow evades capture.

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Okatsu returns in episode 4, now working with another ninja assassin and the battleground is giant cavern. She sneak attacks Brave 10 member Kakei (master of weapons) from above and isolates him inside an orb of snakes. Kakei is then paralyzed and trapped in her illusions. She is in complete control and able to do whatever she wants to him. She seductively straddles Kakei and taunts him, about to go in for the kill with a concealed poison blade. The snake orb is suddenly shattered by the ongoing battle in the cavern. This breaks Okatsu’s illusion and Kakei turns the tables on her. She struggles for a bit, resorting to a physical attack by jumping on Kakei’s back and scissor vising with her legs. Kakei shoots through his own arm to hit Okatsu. She slumps to the ground and shortly dies.

Equipment She has a blade or a small kunai in her mouth tied to her tongue when she was about to kill Kakei.

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