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Oberhelfer Friede Steitze (Lilou Vos) is a Nazi in the 2017 horror film, "Puppet Master: Axis Termination".

Oberhelfer Friede Steitze is a German woman who is a member of Adolf Hitler's Band of German Maidens movement.  She is also a dominatrix of sorts who worked at a secret hideout in California during 1942 along with Sturnbahnfurher Krabke (Kevin Scott Allen), Doktor Gerde Ernst (Tonya Kay) and a large group of Nazi spies.  During this time she crafted five syringes full of the Elixir stolen from Dr. Freufhoffer into a glove and would seduce fellow Nazis at the brothel located in their secret hideout and stab them to death with the syringes.  The elixir inside would create a chemical imbalance inside the victim's blood causing them to die in a horrific way which would make their blood spray out all over the place.  This way many decades before Neil Gallagher had perfected the elixir to work on human beings.

Oberhelfer believed in always being useful to her group and being cheerful at all times.  Gerde grew to accept her as an important part of their group after she saved her life by stabbing Pinhead in the back while he attempted to strangle her and also witnessing her murder people.  Gerde would then proudly refer to her as a remarkable monster.

Oberheller escaped unharmed during the time Brooks raided the hideout with the puppets.  It is unknown what happened to her after this.

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