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Nurse Rachel is the main villainess from the 2017 Fansadox Collection 388 comic "Beware! Old Folks" by Slasher.

Nurse Rachel has been left on her own at The Good Life Retirement Home on a lazy Sunday morning.  Unfortunately for her, she is strong willed and sassy, and believes herself to be the queen of the henhouse.  She is rude and demeans the old codgers living in the retirement center.  In addition, she performs physical and mental abuse on the residents.

Finally, the old men have had enough of her wicked self and begin to retaliate on her.  They knock her out, and then tie her up including gagging her.  They then take their time raping her and doing sexual things to all of her orifices.

The last scene, they refuse to let her go despite her begging.  They tell her that they found her resignation letter, and plan to turn it in, and that she will not be missed.  They claim that they will continue to abuse her.  Lovely Nurse Rachel is last seen tied up.


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