The evil and nameless Nurse

The unnamed Nurse (Mika Beyer) is the villainess of the 15-second horror film, Hello Nurse (released in 2018). The film opened with the brunette nurse walking through a set of hospital doors, carrying a tray of medical instruments with her.

It was shortly afterwards that the nurse came up to a man bound and gagged with duct tape, revealing that the nurse was a villainous kidnapper. As the man began trying to scream, the evil nurse picked up a scalpel from her tray after setting it down on a shelf and began cutting into the man's nose, causing him to scream in agony. The film then cut to a woman having just gotten a nose job, happily inspecting her procedure. This served as the reveal that the diabolical nurse had cut the man's nose off for the woman's nose job, and (given the surgical ink marks on his face) planned to amputate more of his body parts in the future for other surgeries.

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HELLO NURSE - 15 Second Horror Film Submission 1 (2018)

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