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Norma Kissleigh (ノーマ・キスリー)
is a secondary antagonist in the 2005 Playstation 2 sci-fi RPG "Rogue Galaxy" (ローグギャラクシー) by developer Level-5.

Norma is the right-hand woman of the game's main antagonist, Valkog Drazer, and like him, really is not seen for much of the game. They have the head of the Zerard Prison, Rosencaster, perform experiments for them in secret. However, upon discovering the failures and the enormous wast of money that it has cost them, Norma murders Rosencaster in cold blood.

At the game's climax, Emperor Valkog attempts to obtain "Rune"; an evil energy with the power to destroy galaxies. However, upon doing so, Rune absorbs Valkog, Norma, their evil scientist partner Izel, and even the airship they ride on and mutates them into demons.

The second-to-last boss in the main storyline, Norma battles and is ultimately killed by the primary heroine, Kisara.

Japanese voice actor: Miho Yamada

English voice actor: Michelle Ruff

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Devoured by Rune.

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Final encounter

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