Nora was a minor antagonist in the animation Witchblade. She was a "Neogene" who worked for NSWF, created through genetic experiments.


Nora is seen many times throughout the series as Tatsuoki Furumizu’s personal assistant. Her true nature as a Cloneblade is revealed in episode 11, when she is sent by Furumizu to retrieve the witchblade wielder Masane Amaha. Attempting to kidnap Masane, the two reveal their powers to one another (with Nora having exceptional strength, acrobatic ability, and the ability to control hr hair and use it as a weapon, as well as fire darts out of it) and begin duelling. In the battle, Masane’s allies with the Doji Group attempt to resuce her, but Nora impales her through the stomach with her hair, and then uses her hair to climb out of the building.
Nora takes Masane to the NSWF medical facility, where she is experimented on by Dr. Rie Nishida, but later on Masane is awoken by her friend Tazawa, and Nora observes the rescue from a distance.
Later, under Rie’s request, Nora stalks The Captain (a friend of Masane and Ryoko Amaha)’s dog in order to locate Masane. She throws a gas cylinder into the boat and knocks out Ryoko, but Ryoko’s birth mother Reina Soho appears on the boat before she can take her, and blocks her path. Nora then activates her cloneblade powers, as does Reina, and the two begin to duel violently using their powers. In the end, Reina revealed that she could also use her hair as a blade weapon, and impaled Nora in 3 places in her belly, killing her.

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