Seductive and deadly assassin Nina Stahl

Nina Stahl (portrayed by Ona Grauer) is one of the main antagonists in the made-for-TV action movie First Target (2000).

Nina is a contract killer highly skilled in firearms and close combat, who conspires with a group of corrupt politicians, businessmen and Secret Service agents to assassinate the President of the United States.

The assassination plot brings Nina into conflict with Alex McGregor (Daryl Hannah) - head of the President's guard detail - Alex's boyfriend Grant (Doug Savant) and trainee agent Kelsey Innes (Brandy Ledford).

Nina's actions and facial expressions throughout the movie suggest she is a vain thrill seeker who enjoys getting the better of her opponents. On several occasions Nina uses her seductive charms to play men against each other, even her other brother (and partner) Evan.

Events Edit

Murder at Sea Edit

Nina is first seen on board a yacht off the coast of Seattle, sharing a romantic getaway with Garrett Winslow (later revealed to be a locally based Secret Service chief). The womanising older man is clearly infatuated with the sexy blonde and discreetly takes photos with a digital camera.

Having got Garrett to lower his guard, the assassin offers to serve him a margerita and heads into the control cabin. Once she is alone, she removes a metal capsule from her bikini top and spikes the drink with an unknown white powder - presumably sedative or poison.

Nina returns to the deck and hands her target the deadly cocktail. The seductive killer then opens the guard rail door and strips to her bikini, enticing her mark over. At that point Garrett experiences symptoms of dizziness and realises something is wrong.


Nina attacks Garrett Winslow

Nina - displaying martial arts expertise - kicks the dazed Garrett several times, sending him overboard into the water. Nina looks down at the ocean and is admiring her handiwork when the still conscious Garrett surfaces. The assassin grabs her target and holds him underwater until he drowns.

Nina's brother Evan arrives on a speedboat to provide her escape route. After dispoing of the margeritas, Nina joins her sibling and accomplice and they sail away from the staged boating accident scene. Later dialogue reveals this murder was committed so the conspirators could promote an inside man to the vacant security chief position.

Conspirators Edit

Nina and Evan are next seen at the private estate of their employer JP Hunter. Nina shows no qualm using her seductive charms on Hunter and they share an intimate kissing moment after she finishes taking a shower. Evan watches them through the window and - despite him expressing discomfort - Nina continues the seduction.


Nina with her hi-tech sniper rifle

A later scene shows Nina trying out a custom-built sniper rifle designed to fire explosive bullets from a revolving chamber. The miniature bombs detonate after travelling a hundred metres regardless of whether they strike the target. Hunter and Evan watch as Nina destroys a speedboat to demonstrate the weapon's effectiveness.

A subtle dialogue exchange here indicates Nina has another job lined up and Hunter could be the target - possibly tying up a loose end - but Nina may just be playing mind games.

Preparations Edit

The US President is due to attend a sky tram dedication at Mountaingate Park in seattle, an event organised by Hunter. While Alex McGregor and her Secret Service team make the security arrangements, Nina seduces a technician on site to gain access to a secure area.


Nina encounters Alex at Mountaingate Park

Alex later encounters the assassin while scouting out the location ahead of the President's visit. Nina deliberately bumps into Alex and turns afterward so the woman responsible for guarding the President can see her face. The male agent Alex is with - later revealed to be a traitor - stares at Nina.

Alex mistakes this for flirting but he is likely annoyed at Nina's reckless intrusion. Its evident Nina views Alex as another opponent to outsmart. At this point Alex is unaware of the assassin in her midst.

Evan - a skilled hacker - uses the information provided by Nina to hack the Mountaingate Park sky tram system. Evan is clearly uncomfortable with Nina's seductive antics, but she 'reassures' her brother by carressing his body and speaking to him as she would any other man.

Assassination Attempt Edit

The President arrives to begin the dedication, escorted by Alex, rookie agent Kelsey and the traitor agent. Alex's boyfriend Grant is also mountaineering in the park. After conducting a secret ballot of his fellow conspirators, Hunter gives the kill order.

Nina - now dressed in more practical clothes - prepares her sniper rifle. She is seen attaching the scope and loading the explosive rounds while Evan sabotages an electronic control panel to gain access to the sky tram.

Alex receives a picture of Nina from Winslow's relative. She remembers there early encounter and attempts to warn the President, but is thwarted by the conspirators. Evan closes the tram doors - isolating the President from his Secret Service detail - and starts the tram in motion.


The assassin prepares to fire

As the vehicle approaches Nina assumes a sniper's position on the roof of a mountaintop cabin. The assassin watches the tram approach through her scope, finger ready to squeeze the trigger when the range is a hundred metres.

Alex - with no way to reach Nina in time - alerts Grant to her presence. Just before the tram comes into range, Grant strikes Nina from behind with a metal rod. This is enough to send the explosive bullet off target and knock away the sniper rifle.

Final Confrontation Edit

While Alex and her team drive up the mountain Grant and Nina fight on the rooftop. They exchange several blows and Nina grabs his throat. Grant is able to break free but Nina is the more skilled fighter. After striking Grant several times Nina sends Grant flying over the roof with a spinning kick. Trees break his fall, but Nina takes a moment to savour her victory.

Alex - having dispatched Evan - escorts the President to safety across a skybridge. Nina arms herself with an automatic pistol and fires at them from the roof. Alex is able to save the President, but is disarmed following an encounter with the traitor inside the cabin.

As the President scuffles with the traitor and Alex recovers, Nina arrives to make one final attempt. The assassin takes aim from an upstairs balcony but is shot and killed by Kelsey who arrives to save the day.

Trivia Edit

  • Nina is never referred to by name during the movie (except for her alias when seducing the technician), but her full name is listed in the IMDB credits.
  • First Target is the second movie of a trilogy featuring the Alex McGregor character, with the role played by Mariel Hemingway in First Daughter (1999) and First Shot (2002).
  • Ona Grauer played the main villainess Sandra in the TV movie I Didn't Kill My Sister (2016).
  • Ona Grauer featured as a villainess Marta Vradma in an episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.

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