Nightna of Death is a Battle Mage from Dungeon Fighter Online. She appears as one of the bosses of the Tower of
the Dead dungeon, where players must survive through 45 floors of monsters and enemy fighters. She appears to be a petite elven girl with stark white skin and long yet wavy sliver hair, and wearing a black tuxedo-like dress with a skull-like pendant on her pocket, a black top hat and a pair of black boots with white kneesocks. She also has a flying pet teddy bear and wields a trident

She appears in Floor 39, alongside 2-3 random enemy fighters. Her attacks are mostly ice and darkness-based, but she's also armed with a lethal Full Swing attack that can take out the player in one hit. It is recommended to take her out first before going against the others



  • She slightly resembles Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate/Stay Night, albeit with a black clothing, a much paler skin and a pair of elf ears
  • Nightna is surprisingly popular in China and Japan due to her cute looks. She even got cosplayed by a Chinese fan as part of a promotion. There are also some players who uses a set of costumes to change their looks into her's



A fanart of Nightna by a Chinese fan on Baidu


A cosplay version of Nightna, for promoting the Tower of the Dead release in the Chinese server

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