Nicky and Lizzie

Evil twins Nicky and Lizzie

Nicki and Lizzy Watson (played by Karissa and Katie Strain respectively) are two evil twins in the 2013 remake of Carrie.

They were both friends with evil bullies Chris Hargensen, Tina Blake and Heather, and the group all bullied student Carrie White.

During their ill-fated Prom, both Nicki and Lizzy looked at Carrie with sneering glares. After Chris's prank resulted in Carrie snapping and wrecking violent havoc on the Prom, Nicki and Lizzy started running toward the doors. Carrie saw the girls and pushed them down, pinning them to the floor and resulting in other frenzied prom-goers trampling the two girls to death.

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  • Katie Strain later appeared in 2018's Twinsanity as the evil Leeann Hart, where she also starred alongside her sister Karissa (who appeared as the film's non-villainous protagonist).

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