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The Nazis are secondary antagonists in the 1982 erotic Italian comic "Avalon".

Amber and Leo, two galactic magicians who draw on the power of love to fight evil, travel to Nazi Germany in search of the demons Lilith and Sammoyel. Having disguised themselves as Nazis in order to blend in, they are invited to a celebratory orgy by a woman who happens to pass by.

When they arrive, they discover a cruel sexual party where Jewish and gypsy slaves are being raped and tortured by sadistic perverts. The hostess even brings out two gypsy children and encourages her guests to perform whatever brutal or fatal acts they desire on them.

The Nazis are not seen again once Amber and Leo reach the cellar and confront Lilith and Sammoyel. The story frames the protagonists, however, as being the ones who set into motion the events that eventually led to the collapse of the Nazi armed forces, culminating in the displayed suicide of Hitler and Eva Braun. Because of this, the fates of the specific Nazi women shown in the story, whether they were killed, captured or evaded justice, are unknown.

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