The unnamed Native American Girl appears in the 1986 action movie Firewalker and is played by the actress, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez.

The villainess is sent by El Coyote, the main villain, to assassinate Max, the hero (played by Chuck Norris). After she made him drink a potion, allegedly “to protect him from evil”, she kisses him and makes him lie down on the bed. As he slips into unconsciousness, she grabs a dagger and prepares to kill him. The heroine, Melody (played by Patricia Goodwin), then storms into the room and wrestles with the assassin. The bad girl is about to stab Melody to death when she is suddenly knocked out from behind by yet another good guy, Leo (played by Louis Gossett Jr.). Still out cold, she is carried into a barn by some guy, where she is laid down on a heap of straw. When the heroes step into the barn the next morning, the girl’s body has disappeared, and a snake sneaks out, suggesting that the villainess has been transformed by El Coyote’s sorcery.   

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