Natasha Lovara

The evil Natasha Lovara

Natasha Lovara (Lolita Davidovich) is the main villainess from "Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus," episode 2.04 of Monk (airdate July 18, 2003). She is a noted acrobat who was bitter over her ex-husband, Sergei, moving on with his life.

While Sergei was out on a date at a lavish restaurant, Natasha appeared in a masked disguise and shot him to death, all while doing numerous flips and other acrobatic moves. When Monk and Sharona interviewed Natasha, Monk fingered her as the killer. But there was one problem: Natasha was wheelchair-ridden due to a broken left ankle; while claiming that she broke her ankle during a stunt two weeks prior.

However, it was revealed that Natasha's fall was intentional, and her ankle was not broken. Due to Natasha's fear of hospitals, there was no x-ray, so it was assumed that her ankle was broken. Natasha wore a cast and moved around in a wheelchair to keep up the facade, but on the night of the murder, Natasha removed the cast and donned her disguise as she went out to kill Sergei. When she returned to the circus, the evil Natasha instructed Didi, an elephant, to break her ankle. Edgar, Didi's trainer, caught what was going on from his trailer, so he confronted Natasha about it and promised to keep quiet. Not wanting to take any chances on Edgar talking, Natasha taped a walkie-talkie to Didi's ear and instructed her to crush Edgar's head.

Monk figured that Natasha wiped away her prints from the walkie-talkie, which she did. Regarding the batteries, that was another story, and realizing this, Natasha escaped in her jeep and sped towards Sharona. However, Natasha was blocked by Didi, and she was arrested, while cursing in Russian.

Trivia Edit

  • Lolita Davidovich later appeared on CSI as the evil Diane Hoyt.


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