Naomi Shawn

The evil Naomi Shawn

Naomi Shawn (Leora Dana; 1923-1983) is the main villainess from "Your Witness," episode 4.31 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (airdate May 17, 1959). She is the wife of successful defense attorney Arnold Shawn, but their 10-year marriage was an unhappy one, as Arnold had been having an affair with a younger woman.

Despite Arnold's claims that he ended the affair, Naomi caught him with his mistress, leading Arnold to admit his affair and his lack of interest in Naomi. Later on, Naomi was in attendance as Arnold was defending a hit-and-run driver in court, and successfully discredits key witness Henry Babcock by stating that his poor vision made him an incompetent witness. After the trial, Naomi informed Arnold that she filed for divorce, but Arnold refused to sign the papers.

Infuriated, Naomi talked to Babcock and realized that he would fit perfectly in her plan to kill Arnold. The villainess entered her car and glared at Arnold right before she sped up and ran him over. After killing her husband, the evil Naomi falsely told police that Arnold walked in front of the car, and when they approached Babcock, he simply stated that they'll have to take Naomi's word for it, as he has been legally declared an incompetent witness. As revealed in Hitchcock's summation, however, police saw through Naomi's story, and she was arrested and convicted for her husband's murder.

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