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The Mystery Woman also known as M.W. and The illusionst or Con Los ojos na gicos meaning The Sorceresses With The Magic Eyes is the antagonist of Cameron Black in the tv series Deception 2018.

Early life

M.W. was born as the daughter of a woman who led a crew committing robberies. Sebastian Black worked with her mother and spent some time with the girl, showing her coin tricks. The small moments he had with her were the closest thing to a father she had. During the tricks he gave her the coin.

Later in Iceland M.W. saw Sebastian Black again and realized he was a renowned magician. She got to know his son and the two spent time together as he showed her tricks and the two watched the Northern light together. During a week she watched all five of his shows and she gave him the coin Sebastian had given her. When Sebastian noticed her talking with his son he scolded her and said at best she was destined to be a criminal. Sebastian left with his son at the end of the week and she did not see him again.

M.W. began to investigate everything about Sebastian and learned his grandfather was a member of Corpus Vale and had helped a group of rich men to hide massive ammounts of their fortune. She also learned that Cameron had a twin brother but was not sure which of the two brothers she had met in Iceland. She became a highly skilled illusionist and criminal and offered her services to various criminals. She also began to make plans to get to the fortune, designing a highly intricate plan to get to it.

Quest for the lost fortune

Blaming Jonathan Black

In 2017 M.W. met Jonathan after his show in New York where pretending to be Cameron he had seemingly transported from Las Vegas to New York. She flirted with him and the two shared a drink together. He asked her name but she mentioned she did not told her name at this stage. After some doubt of Jonathan he decided to spent the night with her. The two went in his car and she feigned a car accident and as Jonathan was passed out she put a dead woman on the scene who looked similar like her, making it appear like he had killed her. As a result Jonathan got sent to prison.

The Show Begins

In 2018 she offered her services to a druglord Felix Ruiz who wanted to stage his death to escape both the FBI as well as his former cartel. As he got escorted by the FBI who transported him by a plane she made the various guards's vests explode with smokebombs,as they retreated she used smoke to switch the plane with a burning wreckage, staging the druglord's death. As she had expected her illusion drew the attention of Cameron Black who began to assist the FBI while looking for her. After Cameron and the FBI had captured Ruiz MW called him and mocked him, telling him he was asking the wrong questions and that she show was just about to begin.

Together with her associates she began to steal various items that had been present during a picture made of the Corpus Vale members and were needed to get to their fortune. Her associate Bishop stole a glass stained window for her which was one of the items. As Cameron investigated the thefts she left a painting behind of her different colored eyes to taunt him and let him know she was behind it.

Using her fake identity as Addison Lake MW manipulated a company in making apps so users could solve puzzles. Using the app she made people look for Cameron because sighting him would give them points. As Cameron got crowded and was obscured from view she waited till he escaped the group through an ally and ambushed him, knocking him out with spray. Taking Cameron to her hideout she put him in a space that appeared like a hotelroom in Madrid. As he was cuffed and naked she teased him and told him she wanted him to help perform a crime. When he refused she asked him how far he was willing to go for his brother. Pretending to take a shower she watched with monitors as Cameron escaped the space and realized he was in a studio. She told him she was testing him and the gun he had took from a guard was loaded and he could shoot her. As he hesitated Bishop knocked him down and she shot the floor, telling him all her tests were real.

Mystery Woman revealed her plan to Cameron and told him she needed him to steal a precious jewel from the Rockefeller collection during an auction. She showed him a replica of the auction hall and wanted him to switch the real jewel for a fake one. Cameron mentioned that such a thing was not possible. Threatening to shoot him Cameron revealed he had already made the switch. As Cameron mentioned he would not help her commit a crime she revealed footage of the accident with Jonathan that showed her accomplices planting the body. She proposed that if he would help her she would hand him the footage. Reaching an agreement Cameron later mentioned that there must be more to this for her than just stealing a diamond. As she was changing into a disguise she asked him if he had ever seen the Northern lights in Iceland. As he was not sure what she meant she changed the subject and told him she was going on recon. She explained that Jacob Rockefeller knew that one of the jewels was more important and that she had used quest solvers to go to his asylum and figure out which jewel he meant. As she went towards the asylum she noticed Jonathan and Kay were there. Realizing Jonathan was about to solve the riddle of Rockefeller she stayed close to him. Pulling out a gun she prepared herself to shoot him. In the cell of Rockefeller Jonathan looked at the various symbols on the wall but eventually he deduced from the stars painted on the ceiling a small mistake which revealed the name of the diamond they were searching. As he recognized her she looked him up in the cell and taunted him that he and his brother were pawns. Back at the base she revealed to Cameron that they were going to get the lynx diamond and that they would let Cameron impersonate a French criminal. She planned to kill him but Cameron refused and opted for deception. At the wellness they impersonated the staff and took his fingerprints. MW nearly killed the criminal as he made a rude comment but Cameron stopped her. They later deceived the criminal and made him think the FBI was after him, causing him to leave the city.

Back at the base Bishop mentioned Cameron was making a call with a phone. However despite searching Cameron he could not find the phone. Cameron told MW she had tranqed Bishop earlier. MW took Bishop’s gun and told Cameron to shoot him. She tried to convince him to shoot as Jonathan his freedom depended on it but despite this Cameron refused. MW took the gun and killed Bishop, reminding Cameron that her tests were real and that his life was on the line. They then made Cameron look the same as the French criminal.

Dressing as a security guard MW infiltrated the auction after knocking out a security guard. Staying in contact with Cameron she told him she had layers but he said that she had a personality disorder and that he wondered if there was actually a real person under all her lies. MW mocked him as he now had to betray his partner at the FBI to save his brother. MW knocked out the security feed and this allowed Cameron to attempt to switch the diamond. The auction turned into chaos and Cameron mentioned he had not managed to get the diamond. MW said she then would make her way towards the vault to get the diamond there and would kill anyone in her way. Knocking out the guards she took the diamond from the vault but was confronted by Cameron who wanted the footage of her setup on Jonathan. She wanted to use her spray on him but he knocked her out. Cameron then got  knocked out by his brother who did not realized who he was. MW mocked Jonathan and forced him to give her the diamond. She then made her way out, telling him he had to get everyone out of the vault before it would close and air would get sucked out. As she left the scene she got caught by Kay and realized Jonathan had placed his tracker on her. MW told Kay that Cameron was in the vault and she had to either get her or save Cameron, this resulted in Kay letting her go to get towards the vault.   Keeping tags on Cameron’s team they stole an FBI card from Dina and used it to steal the Lynx diamond from the evidence lock up. MW used one of her accomplices who worked as a guard to tell Jonathan they were aware he had made Dina stole an ID card and that they had used it, letting him know she wanted him alive for now.

MW dressed as a old lady later got herself escorted in the vault and then seemingly burned alive as the vault was filled with gasoline and got set on fire. Using a flameproof suit and an oxygen mask she used the flames as a diversion to break open the vaults, looking for the pen of William Archer, the master thief persona of Sebastian Black. However she was unsuccessful in retrieving the pen which was a part of the collection. After feigning to have died her accomplices extracted her while posing as coroners taking away her body.

Planning to break in the deposit box of another bank to get the pen she became aware the FBI was on to her and lying in ambush with undercover agents and a door that could be electrified. Drilling from the building next door her accomplices took the deposit box while she stood outside. As Cameron noticed her and tried to get to her she hacked the electrified door and shocked him, walking away as he got saved just in time by the security guard of the bank. She later send her accomplices after the security guard who had helped her and Cameron who killed the security guard but failed to kill Cameron.

Visiting Jonathan in prison she told him about how Cameron had the chance to get the images needed to set him free in exchange for the Lynx diamond, however because of his loyalty to Kay he had refused. She explained to him that Cameron had chosen Kay over him just like his father had chosen Cameron over him, she mentioned she had not stolen his life but had freed him from it and that she would give him a chance to get his inheritance. She explained that in 1906 his great grandfather Alistair Black had helped rich men hiding their fortune to evade taxes and that she was now tracking it. She offered him partnership and they would split the fortune. As Jonathan did not trust her she handen him her sidearm and offered him the choice to shoot her or find the ultimate fortune. Jonathan agreed and told her how to break in the archive (Cameron’s place and workshop) as well as giving her his coin as a sign of trust.

Breaking in the archive MW confronted Cameron and explained that Jonathan and she were now working together, showing him the coin. Handing him her earpiece she let Jonathan inform Cameron they were now working together. Showing him the items she said she only wanted the pen and the collection would be complete. Cameron got persuaded by Jonathan and he handed her the pen. In a locked box of Sebastian Black they found a staircase that led to an underground room where all the five men had to be present. Posting the items just like in the picture the vault opened and revealed an office with an automaton that looked like Alistair Black behind the desk. MW forced Cameron to give the pen to the automaton to get to the fortune. It was revealed the floor was pressure sensitive and the automaton would throw knives if someone would step wrongly. Cameron used his bare feet to feel the right spots as it was similar as cards that had rugged edges to identify the aces like a magician would use. As Cameron handed the pen the automaton wrote a map that contained the location of the fortune. Cameron kept the map for himself and as MW stepped forward the automaton reacted. Threatening him with her gun she demanded he gave her the map but he flicked the coin on the floor which caused the automaton to throw a knive and disarm her. As MW drew her spare sidearm it was revealed to be empty and she realized Jonathan had played her and had never sided with her, warning his brother with code language through the earpiece. Cameron held the map and said he would not let her win, he then walked out of a hidden door and left her there. MW used the coin to distract the automaton long enough to retrieve her gun and shoot him. She caught Cameron in the subway tunnel but Kay showed up to arrest her. MW tried to use Cameron as a hostage but Kay shot Cameron’s shoulder and disarmed her. She then got taken into custody.

As she got interrogated about her various crimes and Kay demanded her to tell about framing Jonathan MW mentioned a foreign politician Danek who was visiting the USA. Kay her boss demanded MW to tell her about what she knew, much to the agony of Kay who wanted to know about her framing Jonathan. MW mentioned the politician was to be kidnapped by foreign forces who did not want him to win the elections as it would bring democracy to his country. Despite her warning Danek still got kidnapped and Cameron and the agents asked her for help. Talking with Jonathan told him she knew he had a grudge against Cameron. She then told him about her past and that her mother was a criminal mastermind who had worked together with Sebastian Black during several heists. She told him he was the closest thing to a father she had and that he showed her a coin trick and gave her a coin. In Iceland she Sebastian again and spent time together with Jonathan (who at the time she assumed was Cameron). She removed her contact lens which revealed both her eyes were actually blue.


MW helped Cameron, Jonathan and the FBI to retrieve Danek’s kidnapped wife. She mentioned she knew some of the mercenaries involved but they refused to let her go out in the field. She reminded Jonathan of how during that week she had visited him during all his shows.

In the field Cameron confronted her about trying to persuade Jonathan and she said that he was the one trying to fool himself as he believed he had not ruined his brother’s life. Cameron mentioned he would not let her escape. MW warned the merc which caused him to walk in the illusion of Cameron and Jonathan which allowed them to infiltrate the consulate and free Danek’s wife. As Jonathan got cornered MW gave the FBI the information needed to complete the mission.

MW and Jonathan recalled how she had tricked him a year ago. She mentioned she helped him with the mission because in a way she just as much of a victim as his father as he was. And during that week was the only time they both were happy, and that Jonathan was not just happy because she was there but because Cameron was not. As he asked how she could know about that she handed him his coin and revealed that the coin he always carried around had not been handed to him by his father but by her. She then mentioned that helping them with their mission would allow her to escape. Casually removing her handcuffs she walked out of the room and it was revealed she would get in witness protection. It was revealed to Jonathan that she had cut a deal on several most wanted criminals but would not give anything on Jonathan being framed. This pushed Jonathan over the edge and he realized just how much Cameron had been bothering with his life. Angry Jonathan was returned to prison but he knocked out Cameron and changed places with him, leaving his brother behind prison.

Escaping witness protection MW met up with Jonathan in a bar where they looked at the map to find the fortunes. Jonathan asked her about her real name and she whispered it in her ear.


Mystery Woman is cold, distant and completely ruthless in achieving her goals. Grown up in hardship she became cold and angry towards Sebastian Black for scolding him. Her telling him she was not going to achieve anything might have led her to become a master magician and criminal. Not much is known about her as she keeps her cards close to her chest, hiding herself behind a curtain of mystery and not even sharing her real name with others. She described herself as containing layers as she is able to show different sides to different people to manipulate them into doing what she wants. Examples are when she portrayed herself as someone with a worthy cause to Bishop and acted understanding and flirtatious towards Jonathan and Cameron on occassions while threatening and mocking in others. Cameron suggested that she might actually not be real and that she is just a bunch of fake personalities, able to mirror what people want her to be.

Despite her cold demeanor she seemed to genuinely care about Jonathan as she helped him multiple times and mentioned that by exposing him and getting him thrown in prison she actually freed him as he had no life on his own and was just the secret double of his brother, despite all his talents. She slowly drove a wedge between Jonathan and his brother and eventually made him side with her.


  • Master magician: Mystery Woman is a immensely skilled magician, able to perform highly sophisticated trickery that allowed her

to frame Jonathan for murder, get to highly guarded valuables and persons and perform various other crimes. She is highly skilled in lockpicking, disguise, sleight of hand, misdirection and others. Much like the Black brothers she seems constantly aware of people's perception on situations and anticipate on this to achieve her goals.

  • Skilled actress: Mystery Woman is able to play all kinds of personalities to deceive and manipulate. When needed she can be

highly charming and attractive or intimidating and frightening. Using her charm she is able to quickly convince people and make them work for her.

  • Hand to hand combat: Mystery Woman is skilled in unarmed combat. despite her slender build she was able to swiftly knock out

larger and strong men with ease.

  • Master tactician and researcher: Mystery Woman is able to design incredibly sophisticated plans to get to her goals, taking in

all the variables and using subtle misdirection to fool her opponents. She was able to outsmart Cameron Black and the FBI and remained several steps ahead of them. She also is able to influence people and predict their behavior, the biggest example of this was how she slowly won Jonathan over for her case untill he eventually turned on his own brother to side with her.

  • Weapons: Mystery Woman is skilled with a variety of weaponry, ranging from knives to handguns.
  • Network: Mystery Woman has a large network of associates, powerfull people in various places as well as various

experts to aid her cause. This network allowed her to get to Jonathan in prison.