Murderous Mother

The evil and unnamed Murderous Mother

The unnamed Murderous Mother is the plot-twist villainess of "Sunday Lunch", a 2006 UK anti-gun crime public service announcement produced by Southwark Council for the Crimestoppers hotline. The ad opened up with the mother serving lunch to her family, with consisted of two young children (one boy and one girl) and a second elder son, who arrived home with two of his friends to eat.

As the eldest son talked with his friends, however, the mother abruptly turned heel and retrieved a gun from a cabinet, using it to shoot her younger son in the head, killing him instantly. As the rest of the room reacted in horror to the mother's cold-hearted deed, the evil mother dropped the pistol and sank down to the floor in tears. The ad then ends without revealing the mother's fate.


Southwark Council - Sunday Lunch (2006, UK)

Southwark Council - Sunday Lunch (2006, UK)

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