Ms. Krug

Evil abuser Ms. Krug

Ms. Krug (Margaret Colin) is the hidden villainess of "Tortured", episode 4.16 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate February 14, 2003). She was the owner of Ma's Bakery and the mother of Brendan Krug and Jerry Dupree. Her first husband died and her second husband left her, leaving Ms. Krug a bitter and abusive mother, beating both Brendan and Jerry. Jerry, however, took the brunt of his mother's cruelty, namely for his fixation on women's shoes. Her first documented incident against Jerry was when he was five years old, beating him after catching him with women's shoes to the point where he had to be hospitalized.

Despite the doctor's warning that further head trauma would have negative effects on him, Ms. Krug continued to abuse Jerry, blaming Jerry for her husbands leaving her. Two other documented incidents occurred, once where Ms. Krug beat Jerry with a frying pan and another when she beat him with the wooden heel of a woman's shoe she caught Jerry with. The latter incident resulted in Jerry having to be taken to the hospital, as he was drifting in and out of consciousness afterwards. Ms. Krug covered up her abuse by claiming Jerry had been injured by a man trying to rob her store.

As a result of his head trauma, Jerry began stealing women's shoes, which led him to murder Kunsong Bennett as he attempted to take hers. During the trial, as Jerry's lawyer tried to say that Jerry's head trauma was the cause of his crime, Ms. Krug took the stand and claimed that it was all caused by the robber she had previously lied about. Ms. Krug's villainy began to be revealed when the SVU detectives discovered that the 911 call regarding Jerry's last injury was responded to at Ms. Krug's adjoining residence rather than the bakery, contradicting her claims. Benson and Stabler went to talk to Brendan, thinking that Ms. Krug had lied to protect Jerry, and it was then that Brendan revealed his mother's abusive nature. Jerry initially refused to admit that his mother abused him, but was convinced to testify against her when the detectives told him that Brendan would become her main target if Jerry went to jail. After Jerry confessed to all his mother's assaults against him, the detectives arrested the evil Ms. Krug at her bakery for the second degree murder of Kunsong Bennett, as she angrily proclaimed that beating Jerry was the only way to fix his "problem".

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