The evil Ms. Ivar

Ms. Ivar
(Deb Snyder) is the primary antagonist of the 2008 women-in-prison horror film "Dangerous Worry Dolls".

A prison matron, Ms. Ivar runs a tight ship. Secretly however, she employs brutal methods to deal with out of line prisoners. The prisoner that she has it in for the most is protagonist Eva (Jessica Morris) whose family and upbringing she makes scathing insults towards. Ivar has Eva raped by her right hand guard, Carl, and also personally tortures her with electricity using a device devised by her grandfather before "Miranda rights" were instated. The heroine later learns from Carl that Ms. Ivar films all the rapes and sells them to the porn site "".

The abuse from Ivar and other prisoners provokes Eva to use a "worry doll" given to her by her young daughter during a visit. The doll comes to life and crawls inside of her head and the next morning, Eva awakes with an astounding confidence that she never had before. Among the people she exacts revenge upon is Ms. Ivar, whom she tortures by using her own electrocution device against her before killing her with a nightstick down her throat.

Ivar takes great pleasure in putting Eva in her place...


...but the response from this "new" Eva is not what she was hoping for.


Eva turns the tables...



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